Monday, December 7, 2015

Chalkboard Wedding Collection with Mason Jar and Daisies

A modern Wedding Stationery Suite in classic black and white. The background of each piece in the collection is a subtle chalkboard effect. Each piece in this mix and match suite has an original line drawing of a mason jar containing two pretty daisy flowers.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Modern Polka Dots Wedding Stationery

An unusual and pretty modern Wedding invitation in black and white featuring p0lka dots and chevrons, with a faux ribbon design. The Wedding Invitation working is in a fun graphic typography style.

Purple Plaid Wedding Invitations

A selection of traditional Scottish Wedding Invitations utilising a variety of different purple colored tartan plaid patterns. Each invitation can be prepared in any tartan, however purple remains a popular choice.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Traditional Scottish Wedding Invitations

A beautiful traditional Scottish Wedding Invitation which can be supplied in any Scottish or Irish tartan plaid of your choice. A fancy bracket shaped invitation shown here with Royal Stewart tartan plaid as the background. A faux parchment paper panel encompasses your wedding invitation wording, and a silver grey shaded Celtic knotwork pin decorates the bottom right of the invite.

Rustic Wood and Sunflowers Shaped Wedding Invitations

A very pretty rustic Wedding invitation in fancy bracket shape. The background of this beautiful Wedding invite is a wood pattern. A double border follows the outline edge of the card shape. To the center is a transparent overlayer which allows the Wedding invitation wording to be read clearly, also in a shape which mimics the overall profile of thee invite. To the bottom left are three delightful sunflowers in vibrant, golden yellow.