Monday, August 2, 2010

Foldable Damask Wedding Programs

Wedding programs, often called order of service or church bulletins, are often a must for any wedding. They assist your guests in knowing what to expect from your wedding ceremony so that they can understand what is going on. If you are having a traditional wedding, and inviting guests from a variety of backgrounds, many of your guests may be unfamiliar with the customs of your traditional wedding and will feel lost without a wedding program to assist them. I was recently at a wedding where I was extremely thankful for the wedding program as the traditions of the wedding ceremony were very foreign to me. The program allowed me to feel properly involved in the ceremony, rather than wondering what was going on and why. You can also use a wedding program to introduce your wedding party, give further directions regarding the course of events, and thank them for attending your special day.

That said, there is a great deal of variation in wedding programs used by brides. Often they print them themselves on regular paper and leave it at that. They may embellish them with ribbons or other things. As an alternative to these do it yourself programs, you might want to consider Zazzle wedding programs. As an example, the below DIY damask wedding programs are 8.5"x11" and are intended to be folded down the middle making your final program 8.5"x5.5". All the text is customizable on these programs. You can change font, font color, font size, and text placement. Being foldable and large in size, you'll be able to fit a lot of information in these programs and they are pretty and professionally printed (high quality, full color, and full bleed). The standard paper weight is 80lb with a matte finish. The more creative you are with these, the more text you can fit. For example, some of the inside text can be moved to the cover page for more room within. I would also be willing to create inserts for these programs if you need to fit additional text for a particularly lengthy program.

Looking for other program designs? Our store has a large variety and more are added all the time. Particularly popular are out black and white polka dot designs as well as our pink gerbera daisy designs. To see more of our wedding programs,
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