Friday, August 6, 2010

Top 5 Viewed: Precious Peacock in Purple, Teal, and Green

The last few days I have been very busy working behind the scenes and getting some new designs off my computer and into the store - read over 100 products put up yesterday! (I know some others do a great deal more, but...)I didn't want to bombard everyone with new designs though so I've only talked about a couple so far. Those will be coming up in the next week or so but for the moment, I got curious. Just which designs were people looking at, and hopefully buying, most often? Out of the top 5 - I've blogged most of them - but I don't think I've blogged this little guy before.

This design is called Precious Peacock (yes, I do love peacocks and have several designs with them in my store - and one more in my head that I just haven't gotten around to yet). I take pictures of them every chance I get. Just another reason why I love Zoos! But this one, is a graphic illustration. I love the strong but elegant lines and the colors are a mix of my own favorite colors. You can find this design in my store of course, as well as matching invitations, save the date cards, this response card, and lots more! Although I designed it with weddings in mind, it would be a great invitation for any event where you want something simple, elegant but not too formal. Maybe an afternoon tea? A church auction?

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